October 22, 2016 – Thank you to all September 28, 2016 Donors to SJBP Dev’t 2019


Before leaving to have a personal retreat on his birthday and priestly ordination anniversaries, Msgr. Nestor C. Cerbo, SJBP Parish Priest, gave a treat to SJBP BEC Parish Core Group on September 28, 2016, a day before the said anniversaries.

It was meant just as a treat and hence no gift was expected. However, those who were bent on giving were instructed in the Invitation, “In lieu of gifts, please donate to SJBP Development 2019.” SJBP will celebrate its 125 years as a Parish in 2019 and one of the preparations for this milestone is the development of the infrastructures of the parish to make them more responsive to the needs of the parishioners.

Msgr. Nestor C. Cerbo would like to thank all September 28, 2016 donors to SJBP Development 2019:

Avila, Aurelia; Bayot, Minda; Caudal, Andy & Lou; Caudal, Lou; Cruz, Luisa A.; Dela Cruz, Ramonette; Gonzales, Pina; Hipolito, Bebot; Jimeno, Cynthia; Lucea, Zeny; Manio, Eva & Family; Mejarito, Cristina; Mendez, Corazon; Sebollina Lourdes; Sese, Ester; Siapno, Fritzie; Silabay, Tess; Atty. Supleo, Lucy; Valdez, Adelaida; 20 Big Rosaries; Familia; Greeters & Collectors; PSSDM; SJBP BEC Youth Ministry and BEC Progreso.

Their donations summed up to FOURTEEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED SIXTY PESOS (P14,160.00). Thank so much for your great generosity. May God be your reward.


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