January 09, 2017 – 20 Big Rosaries Devotion: A Testimony from Sis. Lou Caudal

“I am a survivor of 3 cancers – two breasts and my ovary. After my first operation, the doctor told me I have only five years to live. Two years later, my other breast has to undergo radical mastectomy.
On year 2000, which happened to be a Jubilee Year, I was blessed to join a pilgrim tour to Holy Land, Lourdes, and Fatima. It was such a wonderful and beautiful experience of a lifetime.
I joined the group of Marian devotees in our parish as my thanksgiving for all the blessings I received. Number “2” has a very special meaning to me – my 2 breast cancers healed by Jesus through Mary; and 2000, the Jubilee Year I had my Pilgrim Tour.
To pray the 2000 Hail Mary’s Devotion, now called 20 Big Rosaries Devotion has been part of my life for the past 18 years now.
Many trials and sufferings still come – Cancer of the ovaries has to undergo another operation; Psoriasis, my skin ailment since I was 12, still come and go; Arthritis pain set in and my movements became limited; Severe vertigo caused my right ear deaf.
I will turn 80 soon. My first operation was when I was 50 – such a blessing from Jesus through Mary! I believe there is a purpose to unite more devotees to pray to Jesus through Mama Mary the 20 Big Rosaries.” – Sis. Lou Caudal
*Join us in our monthly 20 Big Rosaries Devotion every first Monday of the month, from 8AM to 4PM inside the St. John the Baptist Parish Church.

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