March 23, 2017 – 4th Trustees’ Meeting of Alay kay San Juan Bautista Foundation, Inc.


The Board of Trustees led by its Interim President Gerardo Ozaeta and presided by duly appointed Executive Director Msgr. Nestor Cerbo, had their 4th meeting last March 23, 2017 once again in Mayor Guia Gomez’s office. In attendance were Treasurer Carlos Aguila, Dir. Mary Pacheco, Dir. Noemi Saludo, TJ Macapagal representing his dad Dir. Dindo Macapagal, Doy Liwag representing Dir. Raffy Villavicencio, Carolina Angeles representing Dir. Vic Fernandez, and Interim Secretary Bebat Nabong.

Salient matters discussed:

  1. Actual measurements and topographical survey of areas covered by our development plan have been completed and forwarded to Architect. These data will now enable Architect to finalize total Project Cost and Drawings.
  1. The new crypts, once constructed, will no longer be made available onownership basis, but merely for lease for a period of say, 25 to 50 years.
  1. The Ministry of Lectors and Commentators had a successful block screening of the blockbuster hit Beauty and the Beast last March 16, 2017 as their contribution to the SJBP Development 2019.
  1. Preparations for the June 3 concert featuring the talents of Trustee Charo Yu, have not commenced because Mrs. Yu is still out of the country. Bebat Nabong will coordinate with her once she returns.
  1. Target date for groundbreaking is June 24 in time for the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist.

With only 2 months to prepare for the concert and groundbreaking, the trustees are sure in for a lot of work. May the good Lord guide and guard them as they begin the daunting task ahead.

By: Bebat Nabong


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