May 24, 2017 – Fr. Raul Celebrates His 11th Presbyteral Anniversary

On May 24, 2017, our resident guest priest, Fr. Raul Cuyag celebrated his 11th year anniversary as a priest. According to him, it only seems like yesterday when he recalls his ordination way back May 24, 2006, and he almost could not believe that it has actually been 11 years.

In all his masses that day, he requested the parishioners to pray for him as he continues to fulfill God’s mission for him in this vocation. The 6PM mass was especially intended for him, and Parish BEC Core Group members were present during the mass to join Fr. Raul in the celebration.

After the mass, they joined together in a simple dinner at the Parish Celebration Hall.

Let us unite in prayer in thanking the Lord for the gift of priesthood for Fr. Raul. May the Lord also continue to strengthen him physically and spiritually so that he may be able to bring more people closer to God’s kingdom.

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