August 30, 2017 – Fr. Raul Cuyag Celebrates 40th Birthday with SJBP BEC Core Group

Our dearest resident guest priest, Fr. Raul Cuyag turned 40 last August 31, 2017. During the eve of his birthday, the SJBP BEC Core Group, led by Msgr. Nestor Cerbo threw a simple birthday party for him at the Parish Celebration Hall. The simple gathering was also meant for the other core group members who are celebrating their birthday and wedding anniversaries for the month of August.

The celebration started at around past 7:00 PM with the singing of “Happy Birthday” to welcome the main celebrant, Fr. Raul. After this, birthday video greetings from the different BECs and Parish Groups were shown, much to the surprise of Fr. Raul. This was followed by the birthday cake blowing, then by a short birthday greeting from Msgr. Nestor, who took the opportunity to express how grateful he is for all the assistance Fr. Raul has extended to our parish. In response, Fr. Raul also thanked everyone for their efforts and preparation for his birthday celebration. As he said, he is really not used to having one because he just celebrates it quietly when he’s in Bohol.
The dinner arranged by Sis. Bebat Nabong was sumptuously shared by everyone. When they were done eating, singing and dancing followed, with Fr. Raul basically taking the lead on the dance floor. Known for his cheerful personality, Fr. Raul made sure everyone was moving, whether they can groove or not.


The night capped off with everyone in high spirits, and thankful for the gift of life shared with each other.

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