September 08, 2017 – Happy Birthday Mama Mary! Welcome to our Parish, Our Lady of Fatima Pilgrim Image


All  Marian  devotees  celebrated  our  Blessed  Mothers  birthday  last  September 08, 2017. 20 Big Rosaries was prayed from 8 am to 5:30 pm. The pilgrim image of our Lady of Fatima sponsored by CWL came to our parish and stayed with us for 5 days.

White Flowers offered by devotees made the venue a very festive sight, Birthday celebrants   Bebot  Hipolito and Zeny Lucea provided breakfast for everyone. Lunch was sponsored  by Maying Villapando, Mila Enriquez brought cake and flowers. Kakanin ,mamon &  siopao brought by devotees were enjoyed by all.

With all the beautiful white flowers all for Mama Mary, our love deep faith, & devotion, was very much expressed by all Marian devotees!

Happy Birthday Mama Mary! We love you!

By: Sis. Lou Caudal


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