September 09, 2017 – Devotional to the Blessed Virgin Mary: A 20 Big Rosary for Mary & Jesus, Healing Testimonial

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As the annual pilgrimage of Our Lady of Fatima is about to take place in our parish starting September 8, 2017, I think it is the proper time to share my testimony on how the Father Almighty thru the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary touched my life and blessed me by her presence.

September 7, 2015 was a heartbreaking moment for me. I was diagnosed of a life threatening illness of CML, Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia – Cancer of the blood. The series of laboratory tests were done on September 8, 2015, the birthday of our Mother Mary. I felt sad and dismayed by the bone marrow aspirate result and things got more difficult when medicines prescribed were financially draining. I prayed fervently and I remembered that the easiest way to get to Jesus is through Mary. Seeking Mama Mary’s help and guidance has always been preached and imbued in me. I leaned on the merciful hands of Our Lady of Fatima, the pilgrim image brought in our parish by the CWL – Archdiocese of Manila. Her presence served as my source of light, hope, and consolation amidst the dark moments and trials I encountered. Doors opened and possibilities became realities. It was an answered prayer indeed. I was given access to an affordable medicine for my oral chemotherapy that came from India. But my struggles of body pains continued as I was not at my best state taking the chemo pill for almost 3 months. I was about to give up but I kept my faith. My bond to Mother Mary and devotion to 2000 Hail Marys (now called 20 Big Rosaries) is unbreakable. I trust that my prayers will work, and it did.

Now, I am doing well with my maintenance chemo pill. What an amazing and unexpected way for me to be reassured of Mama Mary’s love. God answers our prayers in different ways, sometimes in ways we don’t expect. God moves in mysterious ways to perform His wonders. Mother Mary is the Wonder Woman of my faith. Each day you give me reasons to thank you – my health, family and friends, people who touched and gave extra meaning to my life. Mother Mary, thank you for your unceasing intercessions for us.

For the greater glory of God!

By: Bebot Hipolito

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