September 16, 2017 – Ministry of Altar Servers Celebrates 42nd Anniversary


On September 16, 2017, Saturday, the Ministry of Altar Servers celebrated its 42 years as a ministry in St. John the Baptist Parish. The celebration started with the Holy Eucharist at 5:30 pm with Monsignor Nestor C. Cerbo as the presider. After the homily, there was the induction and blessing of the new officers of the Ministry of Altar Servers. The newly elected officers were as follows:

Coordinator: Herwin U. Fortuno

Assistant Coordinator: John Paul O. Alejo

Secretary: Caneil Alfonso DC. Mansueto

Assistant Secretary: Ian Migelle G. Telan

Treasurer: Jose Narciso R. Encio

Auditor: One Miguel DG. Castillo


The new officers took their oath in front of the altar and the congregation with the blessing of the parish priest. After the blessing and the mass, the celebration continued at the Celebration Hall. The program started at 7:00 pm with the opening prayer. There were two new Altar Servers namely Danielle John DC. Simon and Rogie Man C. Lacap, who affirmed in front of the crucifix and in the brotherhood the Ministry of Altar Servers’ pledge. Opening remarks were then given by Msgr. Cerbo. The Ministry shirt was also distributed to the members. There were lots of food, games and prizes that made the celebration worthwhile.


Senior Altar Servers award were given to the Altar Servers who served 10 years and more in the parish. Appreciation certificates were also awarded to the active Altar Servers that served for 5 years or more in the parish. Short video clip was played with the pictures of all activities from last year’s anniversary until the visit of Nazareno. One of the reasons why this year’s anniversary was  special is because it became a reunion of the Senior Altar Servers who now have other priorities. Though they have a busy schedule, they still came to meet the new members of the ministry and to provide some advice or words of encouragement to inspire the new generation to continue serving the Lord. As what the ministry shirt stated, “Many are called but few are chosen,” from Mt. 22:14. The members of the ministry are all called and chosen to serve the Lord by being a good Altar Server.


The Ministry of Altar Servers is always open to accept those who are called to serve and hoping that some of its members will be chosen not only to be an Altar Server but to be priest, and to serve the Lord even more.


By: Ian Telan & Herwin Fortuno


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