December 03, 2017 – SJBP Opens The Year Of the Clergy And Consecrated Persons On The First Sunday Of Advent

As we open another liturgical year, our parish, in communion with all the churches in the Philippines opens 2018 as Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons. This is still part of our 9-year preparation for the 500th Anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines on 2021.

On the First Sunday of Advent, a CBCP Pastoral Exhortation on 2018 Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons was read in all masses. Likewise, our Parish Youth and Catechists interpreted the “Father Bless Me,” theme song thru an animation dance, performed after the reading of the pastoral exhortation.



THE logo is a stylized illustration of Jesus’ act of washing the feet of the disciples.  It is also the same challenge being given to those who committed themselves to priestly and consecrated lives (thus the figures are not bound by any gender—it can be seen either as male or female) to God and the Church.

In these contemporary times where people are looking for role models and authentic witnesses to Christianity because of inconsistencies to living virtuous lives (e.g. scandals and other forms of pain brought to the faithful) the clergy and consecrated persons are asked not to put themselves on pedestals and positions of authority but to be examples of humble service to others and witnessing to the life of Jesus with credibility and integrity.

Embracing this life, even in their weaknesses, imperfections and sinfulness, their renewal as “men and women of the cloth” can be a focal point for a new evangelization (symbolized by the bright light blue field background) in the Philippines—a renewed clergy / consecrated persons, (yes, even in their unworthiness) gives real witness to the mercy and love of God for His people.

Thus, the act of washing each other’s feet does not only become an act of those who consecrated themselves to Jesus, but becomes an act that challenges everyone to live lives in real communion with each other! (from:



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