The SJBP Community joined Fr. Mark Andrew Marbella, one of our resident guest priests in celebrating his 5th Presbyteral Anniversary last March 21, 2018. A thanksgiving mass was held for him at 6:00 PM, with Msgr. Nestor Cerbo and Fr. Raul Cuyag as concelebrants.

In his homily, Fr. Mark shared about the TRUTH in their mission as priests – to start their mission in a place where they are needed but not wanted, and end their mission in the same place where they are wanted, but no longer needed. In his 5 years in the priestly ministry, he said that there are 3 important things that he learned – to never turn away from the cross; to be welcoming to everyone; and to set a good example. He also said that the flock, which the Lord has entrusted to him serves as his daily inspiration. He may not be perfect, but he tries his best to be true in the things that he says and does. He also requested everyone to pray for him.

Before the mass ended, he thanked the congregation, as well as Fr. Raul and Msgr. Nestor for celebrating with him, and for welcoming him in St. John the Baptist, where he doesn’t feel that he is actually a guest priest, but rather a true part of the community.

A simple celebration prepared by the Parish BEC Core Group followed at the Celebration Hall. Fr. Mark’s father, sister, and a few friends were also there to celebrate with him. A short program, spearheaded by Sis Mila Enriquez also took place to show our genuine love and appreciation to Fr. Mark for all the assistance and guidance he continues to share with our community.

We are truly blessed to be part of his journey as a priest. Let us continue praying for him and all the priests of our parish that they may remain faithful and joyful in their vocation.


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