Last Sunday, March 25, 2018, was indeed a Blessed Palm Sunday to all of us Catholics. It was also the Alay Kapwa Sunday, and the last day for our “Recruitment of New Volunteers” activity.

The recruitment activity started last February 18, 2018, during the First Sunday of Lent. There were posters and ads for the said activity. The general qualifications for Membership in Caritas/PSSDM Volunteerism are the following:

1)    Has preferential option for the poor (may pagkalinga/pagmamahal sa mahihirap);

2)    Possesses relationship skills (may abilidad na makipagsalamuha o makisama sa kapwa tao);

3)    Commitment to the organization  (gumagawa ng ipinagkatiwalang gawain sa organisasyon – intellectually and emotionally);

4)    Availability – the quality of being at hand when needed (palagiang maasahan kapag tinawag sa paglilingkod o gawain);

5)    Organizational & Leadership Skills (may kasanayan at katalinuhan sa pagbuo ng organisasyon at pamumuno – pagiging leader);

6)    Knowledge in Catholic Faith (may kaalaman sa pananampalatayang Katoliko);

7)    Must be baptized Catholic and married in the Church (if applicable);

8)    Willing to commit 3T’s (Time, Talent, Treasure);

9)    Must possess a good moral character;

10)  Willing to undergo a six-moth probationary period under chosen Committee/Program;

11)  Willing to undergo the SSDM Orientation, formation and pastoral discipline, and must be open to new ideas;

12)  Attends regular monthly PSSDM Meeting; and

13)  Adherence and commitment to duties and responsibilities to the chosen Program.


There was also an Evaluation Report and Booth Making Contest on the last day of the said activity.  So, early in the morning, at 5:00 AM last Sunday, Bro. Allan Arinzol,  our Community Family Partner and husband of our Volunteer, Sis Janet Arinzol, voluntarily extended his artistic flare in turning our simple table booth into a decorative and festive one.  Bro. Buenaventura S. Eli (Teaching Head) on the other hand, was the one who made the wonderful Recycled Sack Materials for our Caritas Alay Kapwa Sunday Arch. A big hug to these two kind artists!

When some of the Vicariate Coordinators from the other Vicariates/Parishes arrived for the evaluation on our participation for the “Recruitment of New Volunteers” activity, we saw in their eyes their amazement and gladness for what we had done thru our team/group effort.  We are hopeful that we will meet and pass the criteria for the said evaluation.

Lastly, we would like extend our deepest gratitude to our Lord for guiding us always in our volunteer work, and for giving us the opportunity to serve our dearest St. John the Baptist Parish. We would also like to thank our beloved Parish Priest, Msgr. Nestor C. Cerbo for his kind support to our Ministry.

God bless us all!

By:  Melinda S. Eli


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