April 01, 2018 – Easter Salubong at SJBP

After the Easter Vigil, which ended a little past 12:00 MN of April 1, 2018, the traditional Easter Salubong followed. The image of Maria Alegria came from Brgy. Isabelita, while the image of the Risen Lord came Brgy. Ermitaño. While people await the coming of the two images at the church patio, they were entertained with the singing of the charming little angels all dressed in white.

Likewise, prior to the arrival of the images, the Easter Prayer Cards/Intentions (from those who bought Easter Candles) were blessed by Msgr. Nestor Cerbo.

The crowd were all joyful when the image of Mary and Jesus finally met, and the black veil from Mary was pulled-up by the angel, signifying that we should all rejoice for the Lord has truly risen!

Our special thanks to Bro. Joel Salazar and his team for putting-up the stage, lights, and sound for our Easter Salubong, as well as the Catechists for preparing the angels for their songs.



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