Our Parish Social Services and Development Ministry (PSSDM) held its regular Community Family Partners’ Monthly Meeting at our Parish’s G/F Formation Center at 2:00 PM last April 15, 2018. Opening prayer was led by Sis Conchita Cabubas, followed by the Sunday’s Gospel Reading (Luke 24:35-48) by Sis Susan Labaco. Both are from Brgy. Corazon de Jesus. Personal reflections on the said gospel were shared by Sis Consolacion Boneo, Sis Conchita Cabubas and Sis Bernadette Ramirez, who are also active members of BEC Corazon de Jesus.

The said meeting was facilitated by Sis Bernadette, our Shepherding Head.  The agenda discussed were the following:

  1. SHEPHERDING – COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT – Informed Community Family Partners about their Cluster Number, Shepherd & its members; Reminded them to be ready for Family Picture (Mini Wallet Size) for their Caritas Family  Booklet; Reminded them to attend and prepare for the Clustering Orientation next meeting to be given by Bro. Noli Veridico, Archdiocesan SSDM Chairperson.


  1. MISSION – YOUTH SERVANT LEADERSHIP AND EDUCATION PROGRAM (YSLEP) – Sis Monica E. Griba asked again Family Partners for any New YSLEP Applicants for this year; YSLEP Applicant Form/Requirement are already available c/o Sis Monica E. Griba , YSLEP Head.


  1. OTHER MATTERS/PARISH CONCERNS – Follow-up their BEC Membership in their respective barangays.

There were seven (7) Volunteers, nine (9) Shepherds and forty-five (45) Family Partners who attended the said meeting.

Closing prayer was recited by Sis Melanie Solera, Damayan Team Volunteer   and the meeting adjourned at around 3:30pm.

The next meeting will be on May 20, 2018 (3rd Sunday) at 2:00 PM.

By: Melinda S. Eli





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