The Ministry of Greeters & Collectors’ (MGC) Monthly Meeting was held last April 17, 2018, 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM inside the parish church. It started with an opening prayer, and followed by the signing of attendance.


The first agenda was the submission of the Letter of Intent for the purpose of MGC’s annual renewal in the ministry. The confirmation of the members’ schedule for their liturgical services for the month of May 2018 followed. They were also informed that the evaluation of their attendance during the monthly meeting and Sunday duties will be submitted every first Wednesday of the month. It was an SOP to submit a letter of excuse in every absence made in order to see to it that the absence was of valid reason.


Kuya Herwin, Vice Coordinator of the Worship Ministry gave the feedback of the last Lenten activities. There were some flaws mentioned, intended and to encourage MGC members to improve their line of duty next Lenten season. With no other matters to discuss, the closing prayer was recited. MGC meeting ended at 9:00 PM.


The next meeting will be on May 17, 2018, same time and venue. To God be the glory!


By: Pilar Cagampan  

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