Our PSSDM Community Family Partners’ Pre-Clustering Orientation was held last May 20, 2018 at SJBP Formation Center at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

The said activity was attended by Sixteen (16) Clusters of Family Partners from different Barangays covered by our Parish, St. John the Baptist. 

Before we started the orientation, an opening prayer was recited by Sis. Susan Labaco, our Good Samaritan Coordinator. We acknowledged the presence of our Caritas Visitors: Bro. Noli Veridico, Archdiocesan SSDM Chairperson; Sis. Aida Barrameda, our Vicariate Team 2 Head (Vicariates of San Juan and Mandaluyong); and Sis Me-ann, Assistant of Bro. Noli.

Bro. Noli Veridico thanked everybody for attending the important activity.  Then, he immediately facilitated the Pre-Clustering Orientation as follows:


1.     Objectives of Clustering (magkakapit-bahay, madaling puntahan ang isa’t-isa)

2.     Purpose of Family Booklet with Family Picture

3.     Responsibilities of Community Family Partners:

a.    Attend Regular Monthly Meeting

b.    Attend trainings/formations as needed

c.    Support and Participate in all Parish Activities

d.    MUST be a BEC MEMBER in their respective barangay

He also mentioned that those who were absent during the pre-clustering orientation should make sure to attend the Final Clustering as it will be the basis for the Final and Registered Caritas Community Family Partners of St. John the Baptist Parish. 

The date of Final Clustering should be scheduled ASAP. No attendance in Final Clustering – NO FAMILY BOOKLET, and they will be deleted in the list of family partners (WALANG PILITAN!).  But in case there’s a valid reason for not attending, PSSDM will schedule or set another date of meeting for them. 

There were other questions which have been answered by Bro. Noli about adjustments in their family members, seeking assistance for their family member in prison, etc., and it was a task to be worked on and processed by PSSDM/Shepherding Head immediately next week. 

The said activity ended at around 5:00 PM.  Simple merienda from Caritas was shared to our Family Partners and Volunteers.

God bless us all!


By: Melinda S. Eli




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