The Catholic Women’s League (CWL) of SJBP Unit held its feeding activity last Friday, June 15, 2018. There were 46 children and 25 guardians gathered from BEC Balong Bato, BEC Corazon de Jesus, BEC Pedro Cruz, BEC Rivera, and BEC Tibagan.


CWL members and PSSDM volunteers distributed their packed lunch of spaghetti and fried chicken. The kids also enjoyed a pouch of assorted candies from Ms.Bebat Nabong and dunkin donuts from Ms.Brenda Enriquez.


The officers and members of CWL SJBP Unit would like to thank the donors and sponsors of our Feeding Program. Our special thanks to Ms.Millie Sta.Maria-Thomeseck, Ms.Brenda Enriquez and Ms.Bebat Nabong as our major donors and sponsor for this particular feeding day in line with the parish fiesta activity.


May God bless you more for your generosity.
By: Bebot Hipolito

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