September 10, 2017 – Kids Catechesis sa BEC Isabelita

  Noong September 10, 2017 ay naisagawa ang Kids Catechesis sa Barangay Isabelita sa pagtuturo ni Sis. Teresita Plarisan, volunteer catechist. Ang Kids Catechesis ay isasagawa tuwing ikalawa at ikaapat na Linggo ng bawat buwan. Pinahintulutan sila ng mabait na Barangay Captain Egay Corre ng Isabelita na magamit ang bagong yaring multi-purpose building na maging lugar sa pagtuturo ng catechesis. Ang oras ng turuan ay 2:30 hanggang 3:20 PM at pagkatapos nito ang mga bata ay magtutuloy sa ka...

September 02, 2017 – First Saturday Devotion, Dawn Procession and Mass for the Sick

  A day before September 2, members of BEC Isabelita  held vigil for the Virgin Mary by continuously praying the holy rosary from 6:00 P.M. Friday until 5:00 A.M. Saturday September 2. Before the procession started, coffee and pandesal were served to the participants including some BEC members of different barangays who came to join the procession. Msgr. Nestor Cerbo also joined the dawn procession which started at 5:30 A.M., but due to heavy rains did not pass thru the different streets of Bar...

August 22, 2017 – BEC Isabelita Street Mass

Last Tuesday, August 22, 2017, feast of the Queenship of Mary, a street mass was held at P. Santos of Barangay Isabelita at 6:30 pm. The mass celebrant was our beloved parish priest Msgr. Nestor C. Cerbo. The Gospel for the day was from Luke 1:26-38, “The Birth of Jesus is Announced.” Msgr. Nestor C. Cerbo reminded us that it was only last week that the feast of Assumption was celebrated. He said that Mother Mary was taken up to heaven body and soul because she was sinless. She was conceived...

August 16, 2017 – Parish BEC Core Group Meeting

The Parish BEC Core Group Meeting was held again last Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 7:00 PM at the 2nd Floor of the Parish Formation Center. Sis. Siony Salumbides, BEC Servant Leader of Isabelita vibrantly led the worship songs and opening prayer, while she was asisted by her core group members. She also took the opportunity to introduce their cell leaders one by one prior the meeting proper. The reflection for the 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time was given by Msgr. Nestor Cerbo, explaining that Go...

July 25, 2017 – Street Mass at BEC Isabelita

A street mass was held at Dungo Street of Barangay Isabelita last Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 6:30 pm. The mass celebrant was Fr. Raul Cuyag. The Gospel for the day was from Matthew 20:20-28, “The Request of James and John.” Fr. Raul asked us, “Why do you think Jesus chose the fishermen, the simple people to be his apostles?” He said that there are two reasons for his choices. First because they have a soft heart for the poor people and second because they have strong faith. He did not choose t...

July 16, 2017 – 151 Kids Register during Sunday Children’s Mass

The Sunday Children's Mass was held last July 16, 2017, 4:00 P.M. at St. John the Baptist Parish. Rev. Msgr. Nestor C. Cerbo, Parish Priest officiated the holy mass. There were 151 kids from different BECs/Barangays registered during the mass.  The Top 3 BECs best in attendance were as follows: Top 1 - BEC Corazon de Jesus (36) Top 2 - BEC Isabelita (20) Top 3 - BEC Batis (18) Ohter BECs ranked as follows: Top 4 - BEC Rivera (13) Top 5 - BEC San Perfecto & BEC Tibagan (12) To...

July 09, 2017 – BEC Isabelita Ranks 3rd Place in Children’s Mass Attendance

Last July 2, 2017 there were 17 children from BEC Isabelita who attended the children’s mass at 4 pm. It was the first time that our BEC had that number of children present because only 2 or 3 usually attends since the children’s mass started last year. We did not get the third place in attendance last July 2 because the BEC who got the place had 18 children present.  After our BEC meeting last July 8, 2017 the members evaluated and discussed the concerns regarding the transportation and th...

July 09, 2017 – Sunday Children’s Mass

The Sunday Children's Mass was held last July 09, 2017, 4:00 PM at St. John the Baptist Parish. The Eucharistic celebration was presided by Rev. Msgr .Nestor C. Cerbo, Parish Priest. There were 192 kids present during the mass.  The top 3 BECs best in attendance were as follows: Top 1 - BEC Corazon de Jesus (39) Top 2 - BEC Tibagan (23) Top 3 - BEC Isabelita (21) Other BECs ranked as follows: Top 4 - BEC Rivera (19) Top 5 - BEC Balong Bato (17) Top 6 - BEC Batis &...

July 01, 2017 – BEC Isabelita Meeting

The weekly meeting of BEC Isabelita was held on July 1, 2017 at the residence of BSL Siony Salumbides. The meeting started at 4:00 PM with a joyful song followed by a short adoration prayer by Sis. Siony. Sis. Malou Evangelista read the first reading and Sis. Tess Plarisan read the second reading. The Gospel, Matthew 10:37-42 about becoming a True Christian was read and explained by BSL Siony. A True Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ. Becoming a True Christian is all about having good p...

JUNE 22, 2017 – Paalam, Bro. Naning

Inihatid na sa kanyang huling hantungan ang mga labi ng ating namayapang kapatid na si Bro. Naning (Mariano) Dela Peña noong Hunyo 22, 2017. Si Bro. Naning ay pumanaw sa edad na 82, noong Hunyo 18, 2017, sa araw mismo ng Kapistahan ng Kabanal-banalang Katawan at Dugo ni Kristo. Tila pinag-adya ng Panginoon na sa araw na ito bumalik si Bro Naning sa Kanyang piling dahil sa siya’y naging matapat na Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion sa halos apat na dekada niyang paglilingkod sa ating p...