June 16, 2017 – Multimedia Ministry Produces Video Presentation for SJBP Development Plan 2019

The SJBP Multimedia Ministry headed by Bro. Herwin Fortuno was tasked to prepare a short video depicting the progress of SJBP Development Plan 2019. Most of the photos were taken from the SJBP website, thanks to Christian Apolinario. Some photos were contributed by Lady Valerie Golpo and BEC Youth Ministry. Video editing were done by Clarizze Maneja and Herwin Fortuno. The video was made possible with the help of other youth members. The video presentation took almost a week of editi...

September 04, 2016 – Multimedia Ministry Meeting with Fr. Herbert Camacho

The members of the Multimedia Ministry, who are currently in-charge of the slides and videos we see in our LCD monitors during the mass, had their meeting with Fr. Herbert Camacho last September 4, 2016 inside the church. The meeting started at 2:10pm with its active members. The members raised their concerns related to the power point slides. It must have a simple boarder and picture related to the Eucharistic celebration, but must not draw too much attention, that the churchgoers focus more on...